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The Wind Energy Technician courses are hands on with electrical and mechanical components.  The Wichita campus provides computer labs equipped with the latest software and hardware, meant to help students learn efficiently.  Library resource materials are available to students beyond normal school operation hours.  Enrollment provides each student online resources such as library services, a student portal, email and online companion courses.

Toll Free: 888-202-2636 | Local: 316-634-0066
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Course List

Course Catalog
EL-113 Principles of Electricity
WD-100 Introduction to Wind Power
WD-110 Environmental and Department of Energy Regulations
GE-114 Technical Mathematics
EL-115 DC Systems
EL-116 AC Systems
WD-105 Introduction to Wind Energy & Wind Turbine Technology
WD-115 Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems I
EL-117 Motor Theory and Controls
EL-118 Motor Lab
WD-120 Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems II
EL-127 Principles of Fluid Power Systems
WD-125 Wind Turbine Controls
WD-129 Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance
IT-107 Computer and Network Fundamentals
WD-130 Applied Maintenance Lab


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I just wanted to say it has been a great experience for me going to Vatterott College. It really helped me decide what career path I wanted. I liked the teachers and the staff. They were helpful every step of the way, especially in helping with questions about assignments and tutoring me through the hard part of college which was math. I liked the one-to-one way they teach and not just out of a textbook but with real life experiences. It will always, in my book, be the best college to learn new skills and point you in the right directions in a career choice.

Carolyn Ballard

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