Vatterott Educational Centers, Inc.
Weather Delays and Closings

Campus Delays/Closing Information
Cleveland N/A
Court Reporting Dallas N/A
Court Reporting St. Louis N/A
Des Moines N/A
EI by Nelly N/A
Fairview Heights N/A
Joplin N/A
Kansas City N/A
L'Ecole Kansas City The Kansas City campus has cancelled classes (8/6/2014) due to a water main break.
L'Ecole Memphis N/A
L'Ecole St. Louis N/A
Memphis Appling Farms N/A
Memphis Dividend Drive N/A
NorthPark N/A
Oklahoma City N/A
Omaha N/A
Quincy N/A
Springfield N/A
St. Charles N/A
St. Joseph N/A
Sunset Hills N/A
Tulsa N/A
Wichita N/A