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Student and Employer Testimonials

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Why Take Our Word For It

Our most effective marketing materials are generated by the students who have gone through our programs and are able to share their experiences with those who are thinking about enrolling. As you will see by the testimonials outlined below every journey is different, but you will find that the consistent message from our students is that a combination of hard work, knowledgeable instructors, industry-relevant equipment, and high standards has led them to a brighter place.

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  Employer Testimonial

"Our experience with Vatterott College has been quite satisfactory. All three of our extrerns have been very well-trained and excellent workers. In fact, I hired the first two that we had! Thus far, I have found nothing negative in the Vatterott program, and the externs that have served in my office have been high caliber. My experience with Vatterott graduates has been nothing but positive, and I would not hesitate to give each of them a glowing recommendation."

- Dr. Robert Sweeten, Sweeten Medical Clinic.

Medical Programs Testimonials

"The experience I gained from attending Vatterott College was phenomenal!  The staff assisted me every step of the way – from the enrollment process to graduation.  The classes are a comfortable size in that you are not just another number to the instructor or to the school.  The instructors are caring and want you to succeed. I would recommend Vatterott College to anyone that wants to better themselves.  At Vatterott College, you matter as a student and as an individual." - M. Patterson, Graduate of MOA Diploma and MA Associates

My time at Vatterott was the most wonderful experience with the Staff members and the instructors.  The entire staff made the experience a most rewarding and learning experience.  The instructors were interested in teaching and were involved with the students and gave their time to help each individual when they needed help in any way they could. I would recommend Vatterott College to anyone that is interested in learning a new trade or to further their education.  I have learned a new career, with ease and comfort.  The college made my experience a joy and very knowledgeable.  I was able to find a job with the help of Leasa Frye in Career Services.  She has helped with finding jobs and helping me with updating my resume and sending it off to different places of employment.  Ms. Jackie Kennedy, the Retention officer was wonderful in promoting students to stay in school with offering to help with their studies and giving encouragement to students to prove to themselves that they can make it.  Dawn Reed, the Librarian, has offered her services by tutoring the students and helping them comprehend the assignments. We are all thankful for her help and devotion that she has given each student. Dr. O’Dell (DOE) offered her services with a beautiful smile and wonderful personality, as the rest of the staff.  She was willing to help any student in need of counseling or finding someone that could help with their every need.  These are only a few names of the staff that have helped and encouraged each student in furthering their education and showing them that Vatterott College cares.  I thank the entire staff for their devotion and all of their friendly smiles. Thanking you with much appreciation. - L. Robinson

Trades Programs Testimonials

"When I first started Vatterott College was nervous because family and friends told me I couldn’t do HVAC because I was female going in a man’s field.  It was a little intimidating being in the classroom with all the guys and my male classmates didn’t take me seriously. I tried even harder in class to prove them wrong; once they saw I was serious and I could do the work and do it well they accepted me with the occasional light hearted teasing. The instructors were awesome! They know what they are doing, even still to the day I can call them if I have any question. It helps when you are out in the field and know your instructors are only a phone call away. Everyone at Vatterott College was very supportive. Career Services was helpful and gave a lot of information on how to find and gain employment in my field. Career Services and I working together worked out very well for me.  I love working in my field. I get to meet all types of new people and like the variety that comes in working in HVAC. Some customers are very appreciative of having a woman Service Tech.  I feel really good about myself and I was able to prove everyone who said and thought I couldn’t do it wrong. I make more money than I did before at any other job, and have been able to show my children the importance of education". - D. Lawhon, Vatterott HVAC Graduate

I would like to say first that choosing Vatterott as my college was the best decision I could make. Not only did it bring me the knowledge that I needed to compete in this field, but it also gave me the opportunity to land a good job. So for those that are thinking that maybe this is not the way, let me be the one to say that Vatterott will give you the chance to make it, the rest is up to you. - E. Bobo, Cleveland Trades Graduate

Technology Programs Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to acknowledge that we have been enriched by the students from Vatterott Career College and their knowledge has been an asset to our operations. We have provided opportunities for three students from your Appling and Dividend campuses; Raykenza Campbell from the Appling Campus, Maurice Meriwether from the Dividend Campus, and Nolan Johnson, Advisory Board, Instructor, and past student from both campuses. Raykenza works in the Desktop & Service Desk support area providing outstanding customer services and issue resolution to the City of Memphis employees who are seeking technical assistance. Maurice works with our Business Continuity Planning Team, developing an enterprise level business model for disaster recovery efforts throughout all city divisions. Nolan heads up our team who is responsible for research and deploying Windows 7 and MS Office to all city users. This is a tremendous migration effort that Mr. Johnson will oversee and implement on behalf of the City of Memphis. They have been extremely prepared for the IT environment bringing top skills and expertise as well as energy and enthusiasm to their assignments. They have been a great "fit" for our organization. - Joseph Sanders, Chief Information Services, City of Memphis

College was an experience I wasn’t too thrilled about (before I went); I wanted it to be over and done with. That is why Vatterott sounded like such a good compromise for me. I would get the education I wanted and needed without having to wait forever for a degree. From day one, the atmosphere was inviting and friendly, and I knew then that Vatterott is where I wanted to be. My teachers and the other staff at Vatterott were amazing. I don’t think I could have walked down the hall in a regular college and have so many different people know me by name. I learned so much and met so many new friends. With the help of Vatterott, I graduated with a 4.0, National Technical Honor Society, and am now working at a job I love. - A. Thomas

Wow! Where do I start? We moved to Joplin in the summer of 2006. I had quit my job in Springfield and become a stay at home mom. I had seen several commercials for Vatterott College and thought -- that looks interesting. I even called a time or two to get further information about the Cosmetology program. But I never followed up with the phone calls that were made to me or the information I received in the mail. Finally the summer of 2007, when my youngest son started kindergarten I decided I was going back to school. Nancy Marlow became my admission's representative and I enrolled at Vatterott in the Administrative Applications Specialist program. I graduated from Vatterott with a diploma in the AAS program in October of 2008. I was a member of the National Technical Honor society. Upon graduation I worked with Jackie Kennedy to find a job. After working with Jackie for a couple of weeks a receptionist position opened up at Vatterott. I started working part time for Vatterott in January of 2009 and became a full time employee with Vatterott in March of 2010. I will be going back to school to further my education this fall. If I had never seen that Vatterott commercial on TV, I would have never followed through with going back to school or even getting back into the work force.- T. Payton-Barba

"Over 75% of our current and past technicians are Vatterott College Computer Technology/Programming graduates.  They have always shown themselves to be hard workers and great learners.   They have proven, time and time again, to be wonderful entry level additions to our company, each with a thirst for knowledge. One of those, Chris Locke, has elevated himself to Vice President of Technical Services in charge of all other technicians.  He has now been with us for 5 years and we couldn’t be happier with his technical prowess and overall abilities.  So much so, that he now sits on the Vatterott College Advisory Board for Computer Technology as a representative for the company.  He stands out as what we have come to expect from Vatterott College graduates." - Bill Ramsey, CMSP, MCP, MSBS, MCNPS The Bill Guy Technology Solutions


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