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The Cosmetology school in St. Charles is designed to simulate a real salon environment. Students learn in a salon setting in order to properly train for future employment. Library and computer labs are open additional hours to provide work-study time outside of classes. Also, enrollment provides each student online resources such as library services, a student portal, email and online companion courses.

Toll Free: 888-202-2636 | Local: 636-940-4100
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Gainful Employment Disclosures
Gainful Employment Disclosures

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COS 101N Introduction to Cosmetology
COS 102N Intermediate Cosmetology
COS 103N Advanced Cosmetology
COS 104N Cosmetology and Business
COS 105N Cosmetology State Law
COS 106N Cosmetology Review


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Would I recommend Vatterott College? Absolutely! If you want a fresh, successful, and rewarding new career, call Vatterott today, there will be a staff member there ready to assist you in making a choice that fits you.

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