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Campus Security

Campus security and safety are important issues in postsecondary education. In recognition of this fact, and in keeping with applicable federal requirements, each Vatterott school publishes each year a Campus Safety and Security Report. This Report discloses information concerning campus safety and security policies and procedures, as well as statistics regarding certain types of crimes reported to the campus and local law enforcement during the prior calendar year. Among other things, each Report includes policies and procedures relating to:

  • Security Awareness
  • Security of and Access to Campus Facilities
  • Campus Law Enforcement
  • Possession, Use, and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages of Illegal Drugs
  • Sex Offenses and Offenders
  • Reporting of Crimes and Emergencies
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Crime Statistics

This Report thus provides students, prospective students, employees, and prospective employees with key information regarding the security of the campus and surrounding areas, and ultimately, creates a safer, more secure campus environment.

To request a paper copy of the Campus Safety and Security Report for a specific campus, or for assistance with any of the information discussed therein, individuals may contact the Campus Director or send their request via email to consumerinfo@vatterott.edu.