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Building Maintenance Engineer training in Cleveland, Building Maintenance Engineer degree in Cleveland

Building Maintenance Mechanic Career Profile - Quincy, IL

Some people can fix anything. Individuals that have this knack and an interest in learning about a variety of mechanical systems can have bright career prospects – especially when working as a building maintenance mechanic . This career field is expected to grow over the coming decade, and those with the right training can look forward to respectable pay.

Job Outlook and Salary for Building Maintenance Mechanic

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a good deal of information about this career field. According to the BLS, information about general maintenance and repair workers indicates:

  • Projected growth in employment of 9% over the decade spanning 2012-2022.
  • In 2013 the median annual pay for general maintenance and repair workers was $35,700 and the median hourly pay was $17.14.
  • Specific information is not available for Quincy, IL, but data from nearby Springfield indicates that in 2013, the median annual pay for general maintenance and repair workers was $36,500 and median hourly pay was $17.55.

With growth predicted and a pay rate that is slightly higher than the average across the United States,  those pursuing a building maintenance mechanic career in Quincy, IL have a lot to look forward to. The BLS also points out that these figures represent the middle of the pay scale. Those new to the career can expect to make less and those with a lot of experience will probably make more.

Outline of Career Path

When just starting out, a building maintenance engineer can expect to work under the supervision of a more experienced individual. There are a number of different skills to learn in this field and it will take some time to get them all down. An education from a quality school can help accelerate this transition, but all beginners should expect to spend some time getting the job down.

After time the beginner will gain aptitude in the various skill sets and will have several options ahead of him/her. It may be possible to enter a management position, depending on the organization one is working for. It might also be of interest to the general maintenance engineer to specialize in a certain area. Some of these may include:

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Heating and air-conditioning mechanic
  • Independent contractor
  • Private maintenance company owner/operator

Some of these career paths may take further education and training, while others may just be a matter of finding private clients or even opening a personal business. The great thing about the skills mastered as a building maintenance engineer is that most are transferable to a specialized career.

Education and Training for Building Maintenance Engineers

Although it is possible to begin this career in a number of ways, there are two general paths that most people take. These are:

  • On the job training/Apprenticeship – Like most trades, it is possible to begin as a helper for a more experienced building maintenance engineer and learn the ropes this way. Some people also start out working for a more specialized field – such as air conditioning, plumbing or electrician – and decide to move into general maintenance from there.
  • Trade school or vocational school – There are a number of good training programs available to teach one the basics of a variety of different repair and maintenance tasks. Upon graduating from a building maintenance program one will still need to start out as a helper for a more experienced worker, but the learning curve will not be as steep and it may be possible to advance more quickly due to the training obtained in school.

Resources for Building Maintenance Engineers

  • United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Career One Stop (sponsored by the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics) Building Service Contractors Association