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Student Outcome Overview

ACCSC Graduation & Employment Rates:  All locations of Vatterott College, Vatterott Career College, and L’Ecole Culinaire are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.  The Commission requires each Vatterott location that it accredits to calculate a graduation rate and an employment rate each year, for each program offered, which the institution submits in its Annual Report to ACCSC.  These rates are calculated in accordance with the timeframes and methodology set forth in the ACCSC Standards of Accreditation, a current copy of which may be obtained here.  As discussed in the Standards, a school demonstrates successful student achievement by maintaining graduation and employment rates that meet or exceed certain “Benchmark Rates” established by the Commission. 
Ex'Treme Institute - St. Louis
Fairview Heights, IL
Joplin, MO
Kansas City, MO
L'Ecole Kansas City
L'Ecole Memphis
L'Ecole St. Louis
Memphis, TN (Appling Farms)
Memphis, TN (Dividend Drive)
NorthPark (Berkeley, MO)
Springfield, MO
St. Charles, MO
Sunset Hills, MO
Tulsa, OK