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The Cosmetology school in Omaha is designed to simulate a real salon environment. Students learn in a salon setting in order to properly train for future employment. Library and computer labs are open additional hours to provide work-study time outside of classes. Also, enrollment provides each student online resources such as library services, a student portal, email and online companion courses.

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Financing Information
Financial Aid Assistance
Institutional Costs

Institutional Costs

Tuition: $21,630
Books & Supplies: $1,700
Lab/Tech Fee: $1,750
Reg. Fee: $100
Total Cost: $25,180

Financing Information

Financing Information

Federal Education Loans: $19,823.67
Private Education Loans: $0
Institutional Payment Plans:$0

Transportation and Living Expenses

Transportation &
Living Expenses

Transportation: $374
Room & Board (Dependent): $399
Room & Board (Independent): $796
Room & Board (Military): $399
Personal Expenses: $251

Course List

Course Catalog
COS-101 Basic Cosmetology
COS-102 Intermediate Cosmetology I
COS-103 Intermediate Cosmetology II
COS-104 Intermediate Cosmetology III
COS-105 Advanced Cosmetology I
COS-106 Advanced Cosmetology II
COS-107 Advanced Cosmetology III


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I would have to say from the very beginning of talking to the counselor at Vatterott, it has been a very positive experience. I was told about all of the classes that were offered and asked what I was interested in. Then after deciding on a course of interest, I was walked around the facility and shown the classrooms that I would be attending. The counselor then explained to me how many months it would take to complete the course I was interested in. Then I was introduced to the Financial Aid Department, who explained to me in layman's terms what options I had in student loans and in payment for the classes. The teachers have always been easy to talk to and always available to help with any questions I may have had, along with the Administrative staff at Vatterott.

Randy Sullivan

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