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The Omaha Veterinary Technician program lab is meant to give students hands-on training and real world veterinary experience.  Computer labs and libraries are open additional hours to provide work-study time outside of classes.  Enrollment provides each student online resources such as library services, a student portal, email and online companion courses.

Maximum class size is 30 students.  Theory classes are limited to a 30:1 student/teacher ratio and labs are limited to a 20:1 ratio.

Toll Free: 888-202-2636 | Local: 402-891-9411
Financing Information
Financial Aid Assistance
Institutional Costs

Institutional Costs

Tuition: $37,530
Books & Supplies: $3,200
Lab/Tech Fee: $2,250
Reg. Fee: $100
Total Cost: $43,080

Financing Information

Financing Information

Federal Education Loans: $23,252.06
Private Education Loans: $0
Institutional Payment Plans:$0

Transportation and Living Expenses

Transportation &
Living Expenses

Transportation: $374
Room & Board (Dependent): $399
Room & Board (Independent): $796
Room & Board (Military): $399
Personal Expenses: $251

Course List

Course Catalog
VT-200A Veterinary Law & Ethics.
VT-202A Medical Terminology
VT-204A Animal Nursing I
VT-208A Computer Concepts I
VT-210A Anatomy and Physiology
VT-212A Animal Nursing II
VT-214A Radiology
VT-218A Shelter Management
VT-220A Computer Concepts II
VT-222A Animal Nursing III
VT-224A Nutrition
VT-225 Human Relations
VT-226A Clinical Pathology I
VT-228A Pharmacology I
VT-230A Anesthesiology & Surgical Procedures I
 VT-232A Clinical Pathology II
 VT-234A Pharmacology II
VT-236A Parasitology
VT-238A Large Animal Nursing & Diseases
 VT-240A Lab Animal Procedures
VT-242A Advanced Nursing
VT-244A Animal Disease and Control
VT-246A Avian & Exotics
VT-248A Surgical Procedures II
VT-250A Clinical Pathology III
VT-252A Office Management
 VT-254A Career Skills
VT-256A Practical Exams
VT-258A Externship
GE-201 English Composition I
GE-203 English Composition II
GE-205 College Algebra
GE-214 Basic Chemistry
GE-216 Microbiology


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Vatterott helped me a lot because they got me into a career almost a year later and I feel comfortable and feel I was trained efficiently for my career by attending Vatterott. Thank you so much.

Shereita Stuart

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