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The Welding training course at Vatterott College - Kansas City is provided with computer labs equipped with software and hardware meant to help students learn efficiently. Labs are open additional hours to provide work-study time outside of classes. Enrollment provides each student online resources such as library services, a student portal, email and online companion courses.

Toll Free: 888-202-2636 | Local: 314-264-1000
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WE 120 Basic Gas Metal Arc
WE 122 Basic Shielded Metal Arc
WE 123 Advanced Gas Metal Arc & FCAW Welding
WE 124 Advanced Shield Metal Arc Welding
WE 125 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)
WE 201 Advanced Welding Techniques & Applications
WE 202 Advanced Blueprint Reading, Layout, Cutting and Fit-up Techniques
WE 203 Welding Project Management
GE 101 English Composition I
GE 201 English Composition II
GE 205 College Algebra


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The instructors at Vatterott are your everyday intelligent, smart, advisable people and have your best interest at heart. There's no problem to ask a question and receive an answer. There is always something going on for fun, something cooking, something taught, and something to get done. Vatterott has changed my life and the way I think, eat, and understand others. I sure hope that it does the same for many others.

Pamelene Thomas

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