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Building Maintenance Engineer training in Cleveland, Building Maintenance Engineer degree in Cleveland

Building Maintenance Mechanic Career Profile in Memphis, TN

For those with strong mechanical aptitude and a desire to work in a growing industry, a career as a building maintenance engineer might be an ideal choice. Working on a range of projects from plumbing to air conditioner maintenance to roof repair, building maintenance professionals do a little bit of everything.

Job Outlook and Salary for Building Maintenance Mechanic

Collecting and analyzing data from all over the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has good things to say about jobs in general maintenance and repair work. These include:

  • A projected growth in employment for general maintenance and repair workers of 9% from 2012 through 2022.
  • This is considered about as fast as average for all occupations analyzed by the BLS.
  • In 2013 the median annual wage for general maintenance and repair workers in the United States was $35,700 and the median hourly pay was $17.14.
  • In 2013 the median annual wage for general maintenance and repair workers in Memphis, TN was $33,600 and the median hourly wage was $16.16.

According to www.city-data.com, as of July 2014, the estimated per capita income in Memphis is $20,377. Building maintenance workers make almost $14,000 more than that per year in Memphis – good news for those interested in entering the field.

Outline of Career Path

General maintenance and repair workers start out working under the supervision of individuals who have worked in the industry for some time. Like all entry-level positions it takes practice to become familiar and adept at performing various repairs. Considering the wide variety of tasks a building maintenance worker may encounter, it is no surprise that those just starting out require some hands-on training.

Once the worker has become adept at the different requirements of the job – which will vary depending on the company worked for and the particular location – the maintenance worker may reach a management position where he or she leads other maintenance workers. However, it is also possible to pursue several other career paths with further experience and/or education. These paths include:

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Heating and air-conditioning mechanic
  • Independent contractor
  • Private maintenance company owner/operator

The general knowledge gained through working as a building maintenance engineer provides a solid foundation for pursuing a range of maintenance and repair-related positions.

Education and Training for Building Maintenance Engineers

There are several ways to enter the building maintenance field. These include:

  • On the job training – It is often possible to get hired on as a helper in a variety of different repair and construction fields. This means an individual can start out as a helper to a carpenter, air conditioning repair technician, and electrician – most any field where certification is not required before entry. Working in any industry that could be cross-compatible with general building maintenance will teach valuable skills for the job.
  • Trade or vocational schooling – For people that want to go straight to building maintenance work, it may be useful to enter a training program where all the necessary basics are covered. These programs can teach many of the skills that building maintenance engineers need for the job, including electrical work, plumbing, heating, painting, roof repair, air-conditioning and many more.

Like many trades there are multiple ways to get to the same place. However, there may be advantages to entering an education program. A building maintenance training program can teach all the fundamental skills needed to pursue a career in this industry – ensuring that the applicant has the necessary training and abilities to be competitive in the Memphis job market and to do a good job once hired.

Resources for Building Maintenance Engineers

  • United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Career One Stop (sponsored by the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Building Service Contractors Association

Getting an education in general building maintenance can give one access to a growing job market and the financial benefits that go along with it.