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Pharmacy Technician Training in Kansas City

Students receive instruction from experts in each Pharmacy Technician course at Vatterott College - Kansas City. The Pharmacy Technician Associates of Occupational Studies introduces students to fundamental medical language and office basics, as well as medical ethics and billing. Classes progress toward more advanced concepts such as medical dosages, pharmaceutical calculations, a comprehensive pharmacy technician externship, and more.

The objective of this program is to prepare the student for entry-level employment as a Pharmacy Technician.

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The Pharmacy Technician courses at Vatterott College - Kansas City provide students with computer labs equipped with software and hardware meant to help students learn efficiently. Labs are open additional hours to provide work-study time outside of classes.  Enrollment provides each student online resources such as library services, a student portal, email and online companion courses.

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Course List

Course Catalog
PA-101 Medical Language
PA-102 Medical Office Basics
PA-103 Ethics and Billing
PA-104 Pharmaceutical Office Management
PA-105 Pharmaceutical Career Planning
PA-106 Advanced Computers
PA-201 Pharmaceutical Procedures
PA-202 General Patient Education
PA-203 Externship
GE-101 English Composition I
GE-105 Introduction to Psychology
GE 205 College Algebra


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Vatterott helped me a lot because they got me into a career almost a year later and I feel comfortable and feel I was trained efficiently for my career by attending Vatterott. Thank you so much.

Shereita Stuart

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