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Financial Aid Information

Any student accepted for admission or currently enrolled at Vatterott College may apply for financial aid. Upon completion of all necessary forms, the Financial Aid Office will determine the types and amounts of Financial Aid for which you may qualify and assist you in processing the application.

Financial aid is available to all who qualify. However, all students, regardless of payment options or funding sources, are ultimately responsible for payment of their tuition, fees, books, uniforms, tools and taxes and any other costs associated with their education. If you receive a Federal Student Loan, you will be committed to repaying all federal loan funds that were received and posted to you account, less any refunds that were made on your behalf,  regardless of whether you complete your education or go to work.

Federal Guide to Financial Aid
Code of Conduct Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Federal Student Loans
Federal Pell Grant
Federal Parent Loans
Veteran's Benefits
Campus FAFSA Codes
Return of IV Funds Policy & Disclosure
Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants