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Cosmetology Training in Fairview Heights, IL

Cosmetology (Night Classes) Diploma in Fairview Heights, IL

Cosmetology Training Classes in Fairview Heights are Enrolling Now!

Students who successfully complete the cosmetology program in Fairview Heights will receive the education and training they need to prepare for the State Board Examination.

110 Commerce Ln, Fairview Heights, IL 62208 USA

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  • I have noticed a big difference between Vatterott and other trade colleges. The instructors really focus classes on explaining the subject matter thoroughly and using "real life" situations. Staff and faculty create more convenient hours and are more willing to work with your schedule to get a good education. - Brittney Morris
  • I am very proud of my accomplishments and I owe it all to my faith in God, and the faculty and staff at Vatterott. I currently own my own business and am doing very well. Thank you to Vatterott for putting me on the path to a positive career! Ramone Adams
  • The admissions team at Vatterott was excited about being a part of my future and I left that day enrolled with my finances taken care of. Tracy Stanton
  • As a student of Vatterott College, my first impression was of the very caring instructors. They were well qualified in their skills, and were very willing to assist me in my college experience. Charles Williams
  • Attending Vatterott not only helped me academically but socially as well. I became very well known on campus by the faculty, staff and students. I joined the Student Ambassadors and even made the Dean's List. Ramone Adams
  • Vatterott College helped me to better myself with being able to learn a trade in a very reasonable time frame. None of this could have happened without the extremely experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and outgoing instructors. Mark Wrozier
  • From day one, the atmosphere was inviting and friendly and I knew then that Vatterott is where I wanted to be. My teachers and the other staff at Vatterott were amazing. With the help of Vatterott, I graduated with a 4.0, National Technical Honor Society, and am now working at a job I love. Anna Thomas
  • My Instructors went above and beyond their duties to ensure that we were prepared for our career. I found employment within a month of my graduation thanks to my persistence and the assistance of the Career Services Team. Tracy Stanton
  • I made the right decision by going to Vatterott. Great school, nice location and great teacher; I enjoyed my time at Vatterott. Mehghak Ma
  • I have to give Vatterott a lot of credit as to preparing me and equipping me with many of the qualities needed to succeed in this career field. Megan Noah
  • I am grateful and very pleased with the caring and the personal interest that the staff at Vatterott College shows each of their students. Terry Neubauer
  • I don't want to sound repetitive but Vatterott really provided me with career skills for a better life and life skills for a better career. Tracy Stanton
  • I just wanted to say it has been a great experience for me going to Vatterott College. It really helped me decide what career path I wanted. I liked the teachers and the staff. Carolyn Ballard
  • Vatterott allowed me to discover a fresh start on a new career. It was the best decision I made. Kim Chatman
  • Vatterott is the best place and choice I have ever made. The staff, Instructors, and Directors are great. Samantha Sherwood
  • This college has a great learning environment with a wonderful staff. The whole experience from beginning to end was memorable. Charles Williams
  • All in all, Vatterott is about professionalism, integrity, and knowledge. Go Vatterott! Eddie Harris
  • Vatterott helped me a lot because they got me into a career almost a year later and I feel comfortable and feel I was trained efficiently for my career by attending Vatterott. Thank you so much. Shereita Stuart
  • Everyone is dedicated to help you understanding what is in the textbook learning and the labs are great for those of us who understand learning better with the hands-on-learning. Terry Neubauer
  • I liked the one-to-one way they teach and not just out of a textbook but with real life experiences. It will always, in my book, be the best college to learn new skills and point you in the right directions in a career choice. Carolyn Ballard
  • As far as my experience at Vatterott College, it has been outstanding and accommodating. I would tell anyone pursuing higher education especially in a trade; this school deserves very strong consideration. Mark Wrozier
  • I just want to thank Vatterott and my teachers for making my dream possible. This last 60 weeks that I attended Vatterott were the best. Tania Montiel
  • The instructors at Vatterott are your everyday intelligent, smart, advisable people and have your best interest at heart. There's no problem to ask a question and receive an answer. Pamelene Thomas
  • Commitment is what sets us apart. I feel that the staff and instructors at Vatterott College are committed to helping each student get the best training and career tools they need to be successful in their career choice. Terry Neubauer
  • My time at Vatterott was the most wonderful experience with the Staff members and the instructors. The entire staff made the experience a most rewarding and learning experience. LaDonna Robinson
  • The courses gave me the confidence I needed to seek a career that I truly enjoy. I won't have to worry whether or not I will be able to retain employment in this economy. I now have the tools I need to succeed in a field that will surely require my services for as long as I need. Greg Jones
  • I have learned so much from everyone here. I have come a long way and Vatterott made it happen for me. Thank you Vatterott College for making this happen for me. Samantha Sherwood
  • The best part is the school and staff helps with finding a job like they are right beside you. I'm glad I choose Vatterott… big thanks to Vatterott staff for making a better career for me. Mehghak Ma
  • The teachers have always been easy to talk to and always available to help with any questions I may have had, along with the Administrative staff at Vatterott. Randy Sullivan
  • I would recommend Vatterott College to anyone that is interested in learning a new trade or to further their education. LaDonna Robinson
  • The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable in the field they were teaching and were very interested in my progress. There was also plenty of tutoring if you needed it and all the staff at the Joplin campus was very helpful and friendly. I would recommend Vatterott to anyone that is serious about an education. Kim Woods
  • Everyone from the front desk to the campus director was so wonderful and truly concerned about my success from the moment I walked onto campus. Dawn Tuinstra
  • I now have a great career as a "Systems Administrator" and my life is back on track again. I would recommend Vatterott for anyone I know. I could not have done it without Vatterott College. Darryl Adamson
  • Without Vatterott College and staff I would be struggling to make a living right now in this tough economy but now thanks to my education in my new career I have had five job offers in the last ten months in the field that I went to school for and have a job that supports my family and that I love doing every day. Joe Roth
  • The Instructors were all encouraging and very willing to help at all times. Every question was answered, demonstrations were explained. Joanna Burkhart
  • I would like to say first that by choosing Vatterott as my college was the best decision I could have made because not only did it bring me the knowledge that I needed to compete in this field but it also gave me the opportunity to land a good job. Edward Bobo
  • While attending Vatterott College, I found that all instructors were not only helpful to me and my studies but they took time out of their day to care and make sure that what they were teaching was actually getting through to the other students and I. Amanda Loney
  • My instructors were well-prepared to teach and were available off-campus to answer any questions I might have about what we were doing in class. Dawn Tuinstra
  • I would strongly recommend Vatterott to anyone who wants to make a change in their life for the better. I feel like I am a better person after being a student at this facility. Jeannie R. McDaniel Eads
  • I think Vatterott is a great college to attend and would recommend it to anybody who was interested in going to school. I am glad I chose Vatterott because without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Amanda Loney
  • If you want a fresh, successful, and rewarding new career, call Vatterott today, there will be a staff member there ready to assist you in making a choice that fits you. Jeannie R. McDaniel Eads
  • I would recommend Vatterott to anyone wishing to return to higher education, because I do not believe you could find any school with more supportive and understanding staff. Brenda Adams
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ACCSC Accredited

Vatterott College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.