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GED Prep in Des Moines

The GED consists of five multiple-choice tests plus a timed essay test. The five subject areas covered by the GED test are Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Reading, and Mathematics. Each area covers the material that high school students learn during that particular course of study.

Although many people despise taking tests, use this course and the practice test as a warm-up for the real event. Many people who have passed the GED will tell you that they could not have done it without making use of GED practice tests.
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Vatterott is the best place and choice I have ever made. The staff, Instructors, and Directors are great. I was even voted a Student Ambassador, which was a wonderful honor. It was a very rough road as everything is in life. I have learned so much from everyone here. I have come a long way and Vatterott made it happen for me. Thank you Vatterott College for making this happen for me.

Samantha Sherwood

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