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 Powersports mechanic training in Cleveland, Small engine mechanic certification in Cleveland

Powersports Equipment & Small Engine Mechanic Career Profile - Cleveland

People use small engines every day. From powersports equipment to lawn mowers, small engines make it possible for people to play and to work so much more efficiently. However, these engines are not invincible. It takes a skilled mechanic to keep small engines running right and running well. This is good news for those considering a career in small engine repair.

Job Outlook and Salary for Powersports Equipment & Small Engine Mechanics

For those with an interest, there may be nothing more enjoyable than taking apart a small engine and improving its performance. There are still bills to be paid, though. Fortunately data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that one can have fun working on small engines and still make a respectable income. The BLS states that:

  • Small engine mechanics nationwide earned a median annual wage of $30,500 and a median hourly wage of $14.68 in 2013.
  • Employment of mechanics and technicians in this field is projected to grow by 6% over the decade from 2012 through 2022.
  • Small engine mechanics in Cleveland, OH earned an annual median wage of $23,300 and an hourly median wage of $11.21 in 2013.

It is worth noting that while the numbers for Cleveland are not as high as the national average, the income for small engine mechanics in Cleveland is competitive when compare to the per capita income for the city. According to City Data, the estimated per capita income in 2012 for Cleveland was $16,236.

Career Outline

There are so many options for a small engine mechanic that it is difficult to list one particular career path as standard. The career path for each mechanic will depend on the job that the individual chooses. Some of the more popular careers for small engine mechanics include:

  • Lawn and garden mechanic – These mechanics experience high demand in the spring and summer when lawns start growing profusely. Lawn and garden equipment sees a lot of use during the high season and needs a lot of mechanical work as a result.
  • Powersports equipment mechanic – For those that have an interest, this can be a fun and rewarding career path involving small engines. With enough experience and skill development, it may be possible to work on some of the most high-performance small engines out there – either for recreational activities or competitive industries.
  • Hardware store mechanic – Small equipment sellers and hardware-type stores often need mechanics to keep merchandise in good working order and to provide repair work for customers. This job may involve an increased level of customer service duties and other store duties, or it may be limited to repair work.
  • Business owner – Some small engine mechanics have the desire to start their own business. While this can take a great deal of work to do well, owning a repair business does present substantial earning opportunities if things are done right.

Education and Training for Powersports Equipment & Small Engine Mechanics

Powersports equipment mechanic training or small engine mechanic training is not a requirement for entry level employment in this industry. However, as engines become increasingly advanced and are required to meet more stringent emissions standards, employers are more and more likely to want workers that understand new technologies. This is why small engine mechanic training can be a great investment.

The BLS indicates that competition is fierce for individuals who do not have postsecondary training in small engine repair. Because anyone with a high school diploma can seek an entry level position, there are often numerous applicants seeking the same job. Postsecondary education can help a job seeker stand out.

A well-trained small engine repair technician will know how to work on modern engines and use current computer diagnostic tools. Small engine mechanic training will teach these skills. This makes education a smart move for those that want to excel in the industry.

Resources for Powersports Equipment & Small Engine Mechanics

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics page for small engine mechanics
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics page for Cleveland, OH, occupations – including small engine mechanics