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Electrician training in Cleveland, Electrician degree in Cleveland

Electrician Career Profile in Cleveland (Broadview Heights)

Employment of Electricians  is expected to grow substantially over the coming decade, meaning that now is a great time to get started in the industry. Learning how to become an electrician takes time and training, but the results can be rewarding. This career path may be a great choice for anyone who wants a satisfying career in a high-demand industry.

Job Outlook and Salary for Electricians

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks the majority of careers commonly found in the United States. Gathering data from all over the country, it makes predictions on the growth of each career. According to the BLS, electricians have good things to look forward to:

  • Faster than average job growth compared to other jobs in the U.S.
  • From 2012 to 2022, the BLS projects this field to grow by 20%.
  • In 2013, the median annual pay for electricians nationwide was $50,500 and the median hourly pay was $24.28.
  • Electricians working in Cleveland, OH, were paid a median annual salary of $56,700 and a median hourly wage of $27.24 in 2013.

This is quite encouraging data for those interested in working as an electrician in Cleveland.

Outline of Career Path

There are quite a few things to learn before beginning your career as an electrician. Not only is electrical work important for the functioning of both residential and business properties, it also presents considerable hazards for those that do not take proper safety precautions. This is why the career path of an electrician involves thorough training and education.

A typical career path for an electrician:

  • Education – Electricians must begin with either a high school diploma or the equivalent. With a high school degree, one can then pursue trade school or attempt to enter the field directly.
  • Electrician's assistant – While it may be possible to go directly to apprenticeship, most people start out as assistants. This work involves supporting the electrician and will begin building a foundation for working as an apprentice.
  • Apprentice electrician – Most electrician apprenticeships take between 4 and 5 years. This is where the job begins to accelerate. One will learn a great deal over this period while working under the supervision of a journeyman electrician.
  • Journeyman electrician – Once the individual completes all apprenticeship requirements he or she can take an exam to become a journeyman electrician. As a journeyman, he or she can work unsupervised the majority of the time and can train an apprentice of his or her own.
  • Master electrician – This is the top-tier electrician, capable of applying for building permits and supervising both apprentices and journeymen. It typically takes between 7 and 10 years to reach this point, as well as an exam to prove one's knowledge.

Education and Training for Electricians

It takes commitment to meet the rigorous standards of electrician work, but it is possible to get a head start through electrician training programs. A good education program can teach many important skills that can help an individual be competitive in the job market. Graduates of such programs often received credit towards their apprenticeship.

Once an individual enters an actual electrician apprenticeship program under a journeyman electrician, the BLS states that he or she must obtain:

  • 144 hours of technical training
  • 2,000 hours of on-the-job training
  • Training in both classroom and field settings
  • Education in electrical theory, safety, blueprint reading, first-aid, mathematics and electrical code requirements

With the apprenticeship completed, one can then take an exam to become a journeyman electrician. This is the point where one can work alone – on most jobs – and can train others in the field. However, it takes even more education and training to graduate out of a journeyman role and into a master electrician role.

Resources for Electricians

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  • Electrical Association – largest electrical association for electrical contractors